Mallory Knox - Ghost In The Mirror [x]
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Pilot was released 3 years ago as of last week. I love that little EP of ours for numerous reasons. I remember walking into David’s living room after getting that phone call. I even remember what I was wearing as Savins never lets me forget it. A bright white beanie, a bright blue Henleys jumper &…


beep beep goin to petsmart
#TBT watching @malloryknoxband open the mainstage at reading and leeds last year
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It’s a nice touch finding out that 3 years ago to this very day we were off to London to do our first ever interview/photoshoot for our Kerrang Introducing piece. Ya know, that photo of us tugging at a rope feeling awkward as fuck while doing it! I’m sure back then we were still excited that our…

I dont know, i sort of like the way i look today

and my gut feeling was right… just didn’t want it to be so soon.

R.I.P Bouncer, you was the best dog I could have ever asked for

All i want is for my dog to be okay, but i know in my gut he’s probably going to get put down very soon.